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Medial Branch Block

A medial branch block is a procedure used to diagnose and temporarily relieve pain originating from the facet joints of the spine. These joints, located on each side of the vertebrae, can become inflamed or irritated due to conditions like arthritis, traumatic injury, whiplash, or degenerative changes.

The procedure is done by injecting a local anesthetic (numbing medication) near the medial branch nerves that supply sensation to specific facet joints in the neck or back. Once the medication is injected, it temporarily blocks the transmission of pain signals from the facet joints.

A medial branch block is primarily used to confirm whether a specific facet joint is the source of a patient’s pain. If the injection provides significant pain relief, it suggests that the facet joint is the cause. This diagnostic information helps guide further treatment decisions, such as radiofrequency ablation (neurotomy or rhizotomy) or other therapies targeting the facet joints.

Benefits of Care

Experience the benefits of a Medial Branch Block from Innovative Pain Care Center.

  • Targeted Pain Relief

  • Enhanced Treatment Planning

  • Minimally Invasive

  • Diagnostic Tool

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