Diagnostic Services

Medical Evaluation and Physical Examination

At IPCC, each new patient will undergo an in-depth consultation with an Medical Doctor, at which time a detailed history and physical exam will be performed.  This evaluation will focus on finding the source of the pain in order to establish a working diagnosis, so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be initiated.  In most cases, radiographic information (X-rays, MRI's, CT Scans) are crucial in establishing a diagnosis, so patients are encouraged to bring such films to their initial consultation.  If no films are available, they may be ordered by the practitioner (See diagnostic Imaging below).

A treatment plan will be devised and will involve the patient's input.  Regular follow-up visits with a provider will be required to determine the ongoing effectiveness of the plan.

Referral for Diagnostic Imaging

At Innovative Pain Care Center, we offer referrals for Physical Therapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Neurologic Studies and Surgical services. Please contact us to find out how to get a referral.

Electrodiagnostic Studies (Nerve Testing)

At Innovative Pain Care Center, we offer EMG / NCS  Studies.


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