"I have been a patient of IPCC for the past seven years. I have multiple issues involving my spinal cord, discs, car accident injuries, and post surgery pain. In each instance, the providers at IPCC found a way to allow me to better manage the associated pain and to better cope with it. I can have a fairly good life despite my medical problems, all thanks to IPCC.

From the time I enter the front door until I leave I feel that I am treated as an individual and like the only patient being seen that day. The staff as well as the doctors are true professionals working toward a common goal of managing a patient’s pain.

I highly recommend Innovative Pain Care Center for any person that needs pain care management and is willing to be an active participant in their treatment."


"I have been a patient of Innovative Pain Care Center for several years and I am treated more like a family member than a patient at my appointments. The Providers and Staff at IPCC are considerate, caring, and most of all compassionate. The providers that I see really listen to me, and then create a treatment plan to provide the most pain relief possible. Thank you so much for all you do and for giving me my quality of life back."


"I wanted to write this letter to thank everyone at Innovative Pain Care Center for the excellent treatment that I have received over the last 7 years. When I came into your clinic 7 years ago after a bad injury to my back, I thought I was going to end up in surgery. The physicians and the physician assistants truly saved me with their interventional techniques such as the epidural steroid injections and to this day I have been able to avoid back surgery! We do not say thank you enough to the people in our lives that truly touch us, so Thank you to everyone at Innovative Pain Care Center, including the wonderful staff for everything you have done for me."


"I had never been to a pain management Doctor before but ended up at IPCC after a car accident. I had a bulging disc in my neck and was in a lot of pain. All the staff were very attentive, caring and took the time to answer all my questions. I liked the fact that the providers involved me in my plan of care and had me follow up each step of the way to make sure I was getting improvement, and adjusted the plan if I wasn’t. Thanks to their great care I am no longer having any pain and am back to all my normal activities."


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